Tubot for YouTube

Tubot is a YouTube client which has been developed and optimized specifically for iOS. It is a full-fledged alternative that offers useful features for a better YouTube experience.

Now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod touch. Click here for App Preview.

Organize Content

There is a lot of great content on YouTube that leads the users to discover and subscribe to more and more channels. However, the subscription lists of the users become longer and longer and eventually leading to difficulties in keeping the overview.

Tubot allows you to easily organize your YouTube content. You can use multiple YouTube accounts and switch between them with only few taps. It also enables you to group your subscriptions and to sort both subscriptions and your playlists.


Tubot offers useful features in terms of video playback and here is a list with some of them:

Smart Search

Search is one of the powerful features Tubot offers. It allows you to use almost all search parameters provided by the YouTube API in a very easy and clever way.

Here is an example: If you would like to have the search results ordered by upload date, you just have to start typing one of the corresponding keywords, for example: "order", "upload" or "date". Tubot will immediately show you the available options and you just have to tap on one of them. With this tab, Tubot will automatically select the text in the search field and will allow you to directly type in the next keyword for an additional parameter or the term you would like to search for. Here is a list of all available parameters:

And one more thing: Searching in channels is finally available. It is just simple as using other search parameters. Just start typing the name of the subscribed channel and search within the selected channel.

Full-fledged Client

With Tubot you can easily manage your subscriptions and playlists. To add a video into a playlist, simply tap and hold on it. You will be shown all available playlists and also the option to create a new one. Removing a playlist item and editing or deleting playlists is also just a matter of few taps.

You can also add comments to videos and edit or delete them later if you want to. Sharing videos, playlists and channels with others is also easy.

Optimized for iOS

Tubot was developed and optimized specifically for iOS. Its goal is to offer an experience you are used to and love on iOS.

To achieve this goal, Tubot uses powerful features provided by iOS and combines them together with all its features in a sleek and clean design. It synchronizes account data over iCloud, supports dynamic type and stores authorization data securely in the keychain.